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Free Podcast Receiver

Ziepod is easy-to-use toolkit to reach and manage audio-based content published thru podcasts.
Media Aggregator

Built on top of Ziepod, Ziepod+ is a complete solution for podcasts and vlogs. It is designed to manage both audio and video content.

Among many features, Ziepod provides ...

  • 4 different visual modes for better experience
  • Popup notifier to notify you of new content
  • Automated and manual ID3 tag overwriting
  • Sweeper to delete unnecessary items at once
  • iPod support to manage your playlists
  • Download scheduling and queuing
  • Monitoring dynamic OPMLs on the Internet
  • Lots of customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Bloglines support
    On top of Ziepod, Ziepod+ provides ...

  • Dockable video panel for better experience
  • External download status monitor panel
  • Download bandwidth speed control
  • Content filtering for retrieved content
  • Virtual channels and word watchdogs
  • Bulk channels to merge multiple in one
  • Embedded tabbed browser
  • HTML reporting of retrieved content
  • Color-coded subscription listing mode
  • what is a podcast?
    It is a way of publishing audio-based content on the Internet. Much like short radio shows. [ Learn more ]
    latest @ Ziepod Blog summarizes Twitter in real ...
    Greetings everybody, We are proud to present the updated version of At this web site, we monitor what people tweet about popular t... [ Read All ]
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    newzie; news aggregator

    Newzie is a sister project of Ziepod. If you are looking for easy-to-use and feature-rich news aggregator, Newzie is the tool you are looking for. And it's free!

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    random Ziepod affiliates
    mOpLi - Podcast
    New urban podcast, just starting. Spanish, music, urban stories aout ecuador and Quito
    What's Happening In Tokyo
    WHIT is a 20 - 40 minute, English language podcast that tells you about what\'s going in the parks, pubs, and clubs around Tokyo. Great podsafe music, and local bands are spotlighted, and we also entertain you with humorous accounts of life in Japan. Listen to WHIT to get ideas about what you can do when you get some of that rarest of all resources in Tokyo - free time!

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