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The importance of your recommendation is that we win thanks to you and you win thanks to Ziepod; now let your friends win.

And here are 10 reasons for why recommending Ziepod to your friends, readers, and listeners is right thing to do.

Reason 1 : Ziepod is very easy-to-use

Not too much buttons but just the ones you use always

Reason 2 : Using Ziepod is easy even for novice users

If you know how to use any email client like Outlook and music player like Windows Media Player, then you can use Ziepod as you have been using it for years.

Reason 3 : Different Visual Modes for Different Cases

Hide unnecessary buttons and visual features when you don't need them

Reason 4 : Ziepod makes your MP3 player really work

Other than listening to music on your MP3 player, listen to talkshows, interviews, and commentaries.

Reason 5 : Gain information while working on other things

While working on other things, you can listen to episodes and experience conveyed information and the fun.

Reason 6 : Bringing the search much closer

Thanks to its integrated web search feature, you can search episodes on the Internet without losing your valuable seconds.

Reason 7 : When more people listens, more accurate ratings

More people means more episodes are going to be rated, which leads to more accurate calculation of quality of each episode.

Reason 8 : More people to serve, More happy we are

When we will serve to more people, we will gain more. When we gain more, you will gain more thanks to our new services and powered versions of existing services.

Reason 9 : Ziepod as a shiny gift

Ziepod is very carefully designed state-of-art software application till the last pixel. When was the last time you gave that much shiny gift like Ziepod to your friends?

Reason 10 : Finally ... Ziepod is free !

As you don't pay anything to use Ziepod, your friends also make use of Ziepod without losing a penny besides they will gain more.

If you like, pease use following form to send quick recommendation letter.

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... you recommend Ziepod to your friends, readers, and listeners. We even found 10 reasons why recommending Ziepod can be a good thing to do.

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