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Posts published in August 2007
Build5 of Version 0.99.9 is ready for download

Based on user reports and after much more testing in our testbed, we decided to go with Build5. This new release is all about removing reported bugs and revising previous fixes for better performance.

As in the case of previous releases, the big part of this release is again download and synch related lethal bugs. These bugs are so resilient that we have to be a very lucky man to encounter. Even after that, it's very tedious and time consuming job to pinpoint them. Hence we mostly relied on dedicated users who tested Ziepod for us. We'd like to thank everybody who helped us at testing.

Based on the latest feedbacks we got from Ziepoders who tested the prototype of this release shows that we have an improvement regarding crashes caused by deletion of downloaded episodes, cancellation of multiple episode downloads and synching activities. However, we should note that most of the people may not even have experienced these yet, some occasionally, and in very rare cases it may be bothersome.

Other than these improvements, there is one bug, or misbehaviour, that made Ziepod overwrite ID3 tags of all downloaded episodes even though there is no auto-overwrite rule in place, which eventually cause a slight delay at moving downloaded file from 'Incomplete Downloads' folder into its designated download folder. Yet another important bug is related to the length of downloaded file names. If the lenght is more than the system PATHMAX value, Ziepod failed to move downloaded file into its designated download folder.

There are couple of more interesting bugs we found but at the end we believe this is the final release before that holy 'Version One' release. And the time might be the next week. We have been testing this release for almost 3 weeks and our confidence level is at the top of the chart even though we know that there are tiny percentage of users out there that are still having frequent crashes. However we have to assume that it has to do with the local environment. To resolve those cases, we need feedback from those users, which is very slow moving process.

As we previously said, we are very excited about that 'Version One' as it will end one chapter in the development life of Ziepod and we will start a new one.

Hope you like this little release and get a smooth ride with it. Here is more info on this release:

  • Upgrade Instructions (recommended)
  • Download Ziepod+ version 0.99.9 Build 5 [ Mirror ]
  • Read Release Notes for Ziepod+ version 0.99.9 Build 5
  • Download Ziepod version 0.99.9 Build 5 [ Mirror ]
  • Read Release Notes for Ziepod version 0.99.9 Build5
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Trouble-Shooting
  • If you like to install special Ziepod release with 'Crash Report' feature, here are the setup files to download:

  • Download Ziepod+ version 0.99.9 Build 5 w CrashReportFeature
  • Download Ziepod version 0.99.9 Build 5 w CrashReportFeature
  • Have a great week,

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    posted on Thursday, August 30, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Ziepod project became a part of the Ziemantics LLC

    Before making this great announcement, first we'd like to send our special thanks to those who purchased Ziepod+ and helped us fund all our projects. And then we'd like to thank everybody, especially who shared their feedbacks and suggestions with us. We hope everybody make use of the powerful features of Ziepod in their daily life and gain strength from it.

    Thanks to your continous support, it is a great honour and joy to announce that Ziepod project became the part of the Ziemantics LLC along with our other projects as of now. In short, Ziemantics LLC, the company, was found in the August of 2007 in Delaware by Arda Celebi, who is a computer engineer and the lead developer of the Ziepod project, as well as, Newzie, and Zietag projects developed at the Ziemantics Labs.

    We believe being a part of a company means a lot. Like every company, Ziemantics has high goals to accomplish, in order to provide you the best. Ziepod will be part of that plan and will gain strength from every part of this new born company.

    We like you to visit to learn more about Ziemantics LLC and our goals. Hope you like the vision we have in mind and support our company by purchasing Ziepod+ and mentioning our company to your friends, readers and listeners.

    In addition to this great announcement, we have one more in line. We are about to release a brand new project next week, which will be the fifth active project developed by Ziemantics and will be the biggest of all projects. Wanna hint? It is a web-based platform where people can share their thoughts and ideas with everybody in such a way that you may have never seen it before. It will be a free public service and everybody can make use of it, but podcasters may find it more useful to reach out their audience. Sure, it will be the first of its kind on the Internet. Hope you like it.

    Up next! Build5 release of Ziepod is coming really soon.

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    posted on Thursday, August 30, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Monday, the Tip Day: Assess yourself better with Statistics

    Statistical analysis of a game, like NBA or NFL match, shows most of the hidden part of the game. It helps us understand what the real factors are that we don't know or not aware of. Likewise, statistics on content retrieved via Ziepod can give you rough idea about your daily usage habbits and capacity. Moreover, it gives you a chance to compare your performances daily and see the improvement or degradation.

    Certainly, it is not that kind of "necessary" feature that we talked about before, but certainly it should be interesting to see that kind of statistics. Hence, we made Ziepod so that it provides you certain statistics about your daily usage. Currently, Ziepod can only remember the statistics for last 5 days. What kind of statistics are we talking about? There you go :

  • number of retrieved posts & episodes
  • number of minutes you played episodes
  • number of read posts
  • number of rated episodes
  • number of megabytes you downloaded
  • To give an example, you can see how many megabytes of data you downloaded yesterday or the day before and see your total usage for last 5 days. Or you can see how many minutes of episodes you played yesterday and compare it with today's performance. Pretty neat huh?

    You can see those statistics by switching to the 'Home' tab and scroll down a little. You will see a box located at the right handside, where statistics are presented in graph, like this one above. Reading the graph and switching between them is very easy.

    We hope you like this feature and assess yourself by making use of it. Do you have any suggestions regarding this feature? We'd love to hear them. Please send your messages and suggestions from inside Ziepod by using ALT+F keyboard shortcut.

    By the way, we are about to make couple of big announcements and a new release of Ziepod, that is Build5, within this week. Keep your eyes on this blog for futher development.

    Till then, have a great week,

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    posted on Monday, August 27, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Monday, the Tip Day: Exporting subscriptions into an OPML file

    If you recall, we previously talked about OPML files, specifically dynamic OPML files. Today we will talk again about OPML files but rather another aspect of it. Lets first make the definition of an OPML file by giving an excerpt from another tip.

    OPML files are like repositories which are used to keep list of feeds for archive purposes so that you can use that file to subscribe to those feeds later at once, or share it with your friends. While they are mostly used to backing up subscriptions, websites also use them to provide a list of favorite feeds and podcasts in one file, such as an OPML file for "Top 10 Podcasts". This way you can easily subscribe to those favorite feeds via OPML file.

    One of the first features of Ziepod is to allow you to export your subscriptions into an OPML file so that you can keep them archived in a separate file and use it when needed. To give an example, for backup purposes, you may like to keep your subscriptions in OPML file so that when you re-install your Windows, you can quickly subscribe to your favorite podcasts at once by using that OPML file.

    In order to export your subscriptions, here is what you have to do:

  • Go to the Home tab
  • Inside "One-click away functions" box located at the left handside, find the link named "Export Subscriptions"
  • Clicking that link will popup a dialog box where you will enter the name of the OPML file into which you like to export your subscriptions
  • Press Save button of that dialog window to save that OPML file
  • That's it. This may not be the feature you use everyday but when time comes, it can save you.

    In fact, if you use this feature for backup purposes, you may consider making use of another feature of Ziepod, which is actually much more powerful than this. What is that? It is portability. Ziepod is a portable application, which allows you to copy its installation folder to any place on your harddrive or another storage device and run it from there. In other words, by copying the folder into which you installed Ziepod, you can backup all your environment without loosing a bit of information. To learn more about portability feature, click here to read HowTo : Portability help tutorial .

    Hope you like this tip and make use of it when time comes. Do you have any feature that you want us to add? Please share your suggestions and questions with us, by using ALT+F keyboard shortcut. Send your messages from inside Ziepod.

    Till the next tip, take care yourself and your Ziepod,

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    posted on Monday, August 20, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Monday, the Tip Day: Sweeping inside Ziepod

    If you subscribe to lots of podcasts or news feeds, sure you will get lots of new episodes and posts every day. At the end of the day, after readings tens of pages of posts and listens to hundreds of minutes of episodes, what will you have in your hands? Remember what is left after the party? One word, junk! Time to start sweeping the ground. Unfortunately, we didn't put a vacuum cleaner into the Ziepod setup but we did better than that. We put an automated sweeper which helps you clean up your Ziepod.

    Sweeper is one of the tools that everybody needs to have. It has couple of settings which allows you to define what type of items you want to remove from inside Ziepod. Among others, most useful of those settings is being able to define a time interval to remove old posts. For example you can delete those posts that are older than 7 days. Other than that, you can set sweeper:

  • To delete only read or played items
  • Not to touch any downloaded episode
  • Not to delete rated episodes
  • To delete episodes larger than given size
  • While settings enables you to to customize your clean up process, being able to use that customized sweeper inside specific podcast, or inside group of podcasts, or even inside whole Ziepod allows you to finish your clean up quickly. Now what you need is how to launch the sweeper.

  • In subscriptions tab, choose the subscription you like to sweep, then you will see "Sweeper" button in the toolbar. Press it to start your sweep.
  • If you like to sweep inside group of subscriptions, choose those subcriptions in the treeview and then make a right click. Focus on "More commands" menu option and then click "Run Post Sweeper inside" option.
  • If you like to make a general sweep inside your Ziepod, go to the Home tab. Inside the frame named "One-Click Away Functions" you will see a link "Sweep". Click that.
  • Now you have more powerful tool than a vacuum cleaner and know how to use it. Hope you make use of this feature. We believe sweeper feature is one of most used features but not a complete one. We will be working on that to make it better in upcoming releases. Do you have a suggestion about it? Just use ALT+F keyboard shortcut to send your suggestion or any question you can come up with. We will be listening to you.

    Till the next tip, take care of yourself and your Ziepod,

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    posted on Monday, August 13, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Monday, the Tip Day: Ziepod in SystemTray

    The system tray is usually located at the bottom right corner, next to the clock in the Windows Taskbar. It contains tiny icons for easy access to running applications and their settings, such as sound volume etc. As in the case of Ziepod, software applications may support minimization into the system tray so that they don't consume space in your taskbar when they are not used.

    By default, when you minimize Ziepod, it doesn't minimize into the system tray, though. You need to customize your preferences settings to enable that. To do that:

  • Open the preferences of your Ziepod (just use CTRL+P shortcut)
  • Switch to the 'Display' tab
  • Check the box entitled 'Enable Ziepod to minimize into the system tray'
  • Click OK to apply this change
  • Enabling this feature not only provides you extra space in your taskbar, but also offers you extra access to specific features of Ziepod even it is minimized. How is that? Just make a right click on that tiny icon in your system tray and you will get a popup menu with lots of functions to control your running Ziepod at the background. Check the sample screenshot below

    As you can see, there are numerous operations you can apply from this popup menu. Since they are mainly related to download list and playlist, you can live for a long time without having to restore Ziepod by just making use of these options. For example you can initiate update check on your subscriptions and read the new posts via popup notifier.

    This is yet another example showing the variety of access points you have with Ziepod. We believe there are two types of Ziepod users; one keeps Ziepod in minimized and the other in Deskbar mode when they don't use it. We do keep in deskbar mode as it makes it easy to drag-and-drop things anytime you want, however if you don't use deskbar mode, then we certainly recommend you to apply this tip to your daily use. Surely, it will speed things up for you.

    Hope you like this tip and make use of it. By the way, do you have any suggestion about new options to be added to that popup menu shown above? Different experiences may require different options and we'd like to hear from you. Just use ALT+F shortcut to send your messages to us.

    Till the next week, have a great week,

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    posted on Monday, August 6, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

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