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Posts published in February 2007
Short Tutorial on Portability

Portability feature is the newest feature of Ziepod coming with the version 0.99.9. It is such a feature that enables you to run your same Ziepod environment at different machines by keeping it on a medium that you can carry along and run it from there, such as USB flash drives.

Even though making use of this feature is as easy as copying files to another place, you need to consider couple of issues before starting to use it. We created a short How-To to help you learn how to make use of this neat feature. [ Click here to read HowTo : Portability help tutorial ]. Please feel free to send any suggestion or question regarding 'Portability' subject so that we can make it better for your use.

Hope you can start to make use of this feature as soon as possible and feel connected to your favorite podcasts wherever you go with your *mobile* Ziepod.

Have a great week and please mention Ziepod to your friends, readers and listeners.

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posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

Version 0.99.9 released : Ziepod now portable!

This release is one of the milestones in the development life of Ziepod as it now becomes a portable application, meaning that you can copy your whole Ziepod environment to any place you want on your computer or even onto a flash disk and carry along to use it in another computer. In other words, Ziepod becomes more mobile than ever.

Other than neat portability feature, this release also includes security enhancements and tiny features that help you manage content better. And there are things that we extracted as well, namely bugs. We squashed many bugs, some of them couldn't have been tracked down without any help from our dedicated users. Many thanks goes to these people.

Below, we briefly touched on the concepts behind this release and a short note about the version 1.0:

Neat portability feature

There are many ways you can make use of the portability feature of the newest Ziepod version. Here are what we had in mind while developing this feature:

1) If you have multiple computers and a flash disk or some medium that you can keep your Ziepod stored inside and play it from there, then you don't need to install your Ziepod for each computer you have. Just keep it on the storage medium and then run it from any Windows-based computer you can find.

2) If you are formating your computer or simply want to backup your data for any case, you can copy all Ziepod environment into another place and use it whenever you want without losing a bit of information.

3) You can install Ziepod for each windows account on your computer or even keep multiple instances in one account. Both cannot be done with previous versions.

We believe as you start to use it, you will see that Ziepod keeps you connected to the podcasts better than ever even you have multiple computers. There are things you need to know before using it. So we will post about 'How-To:Portability' soon so that you can start to make use of it as soon as possible.

Security enhancements

Do you know that feeds you subscribed to may lead to security issues if some fancy scripts are embedded into the content? We are very happy to announce that new Ziepod checks retrieved content for thousands of cases that may lead to security issues and removes them if there is any. So you should feel more secure while using this latest version.

More new stuff

New Ziepod also monitors left space on your harddrive and pauses downloads automatically when there is not enough space left on your computer. Which harddrive to check and threshold value are both customizable thru the Preferences. Other tiny features are:

  • Special dialog window to set most used preferences settings at the welcome page
  • Automatically removing episode in the playlist right after it is played
  • Better recognition of non-media enclosure files (such as PDF, ZIP, EXCEL, PowerPoint)
  • You can order tabs of main frame (just drag-and-drop while pressing CTRL key)
  • 'Delete all but the newest one' function to be applied on listed episodes
  • While approaching version 1.0

    This release is especially important to make Ziepod more bug-free and stable before getting to the 'Version 1.0' We removed many bugs in all shapes and sizes as you can tell by checking the raw release notes of this release. We will release couple of more clearance-oriented releases before releasing the version 1.0. We will post about this later but in short we are after any strange behaviour you may experience before 'The Version One'.

    At this point, your feedback is the most valuable information for us. Do you know that you can send your feedback in a second by using Ziepod? Just use 'ALT+F' key combination (which is a new keyboard shortcut coming with the new release) to access 'Ziepod Feedback Window' and enter your feedback before clicking 'Send' button. Send whatever message you like to say and we will answer your questions and welcome your suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    To learn more about this release and download the latest Ziepod(+) releases, use the links below. If you already have a Ziepod(+) installed, make sure that you first uninstall your existing one and then reinstall the new one. Keep in mind that you will not loose any information during this process. To learn more about how to upgrade, we strongly recommend you to check the 'Upgrade Instructions' .

    Have a smooth ride with the newest Ziepod.

  • Upgrade Instructions (recommended)
  • Download Ziepod+ version 0.99.9 [ Mirror ]
  • Read Release Notes for Ziepod+ version 0.99.9
  • Download Ziepod version 0.99.9 [ Mirror ]
  • Read Release Notes for Ziepod version 0.99.9
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Trouble-Shooting
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    posted on Sunday, February 18, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Ongoing and Upcoming Activities

    We are about to end up another cycle of the development life of Ziepod by making version 0.99.9 available for download within the next week. As we pass one of the milestones with this new release, we are very cautious about that. We are testing and testing it continuously to make sure that it will be as clean release as possible.

    So, what is this new release about? We focused on a very important "need" and developed a solution for that such that it transforms Ziepod into a new level in terms of its usability. No more words, lets keep it a little surprise. Other than that, a couple of very neat automations will be in the package, as well as removal of bugs we found, thanks to the reports we got from our dedicated Ziepoders.

    Moving onto the new server

    We are not only working on the new release of Ziepod, but rather upgrades for multiple projects simultaneously. For example, over this weekend, we smoothly transfered three of our websites (,, and onto a new server just to provide you much faster service.

    Regarding this transition, please keep in mind that for a day or so we will not be able to get your emails unless you use feedback forms on or feedback dialog inside Ziepod itself. Otherwise, your email will get lost in transition. Sorry about that. Ziepoders who use older versions of Ziepod (<0.99.8) will not be able to use search support for a week or so. Sorry for that, too. upgrades coming strong

    Moreover, we are currently developing a new core technology for to provide a very unique service on the Internet, especially important for feed owners. We will also move onto its new server hopefully within the next week and then you will be able to search fast and make use of it much more than before.

    All in all, hold on for upcoming upgrades. And please send your feedbacks about any anomaly you may experience with Ziepod as soon as possible so that we can resolve any inconvenient issue and make fixes available for upcoming release.

    Good day!

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    posted on Sunday, February 11, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

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