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Posts published in February 2013
Our new project :

We like to introduce our new project at It is a website where you will find opinions about anything that are posted by people on the Internet. We collect what people said about things and automatically process them in order to detect what people have been talking most recently. We present the positive and negative thoughts in short report at

Currently, we start with monitoring opinions on the Twitter about movies and actors involving in the Oscars 2013. We will soon start to track opinions about box office movies and tv shows. Since Twitter is our main source, our content is updated every 10 minutes or so. Now, we show statistics from the last 6 hours, 24 hours and 7 days. Some of our statistics are quite intersting. For example, do you know which movie made most people cry within the last week? Or which actor was seen by most people in their dreams? Answers are at

This is just a beginning. Please join us at and help us spread the word.

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