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Posts published in January 2007
Ziepod & FeedBurner

We are very happy and honoured to announce that as of yesterday, 'Ziepod Get Icon' is shown along with each burnt podcast feed served by FeedBurner. What is that mean? In short, while this lets us serve more people, it also gives us the boost to create more exceptional services in the future.

Speaking of FeedBurner, it is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Their web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.

We'd like to thank the guys at FeedBurner as they selected Ziepod as a recommendable tool for podcasts.

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posted on Saturday, January 13, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

Watching MP4, M4V, MOV, FLV video files with Ziepod+

When there was only television, what we saw was in one format ... something like bip bip bip. As technology grew over the years, format wars began and here we are. Today, video is packed into the files in various formats. Maybe the most dramatic outcome of this variety is that when you install Windows, you cannot start to play all video formats right away with the Media Player (WMP) coming along. You need to install additional software to be able to listen to and watch media files.

Like WMP, Ziepod+ cannot open all video formats by default. That is, you need to install certain codecs before being able to watch them. To show it how to watch video files in different formats, we created a [ short tutorial ]. Bear in mind that you don't need to have Ziepod+ installed to make use of this tutorial but if you do have Ziepod+, then you will be able to use it in full capacity and see how neat it is.

Speaking of Ziepod+, it is our shareware product and we give you 20 free days to make use of it with all its features. So, why don't you start to use Ziepod+ right now? After all, you can switch back to Ziepod when trial period ends. Since Ziepod+ is the source of our income to provide more exceptional services in the future, we like you to consider buying Ziepod+ as a way of making your investment in our future. By the way, do you know that you can buy Ziepod+ by using your PAYPAL account in our WebStore? Our webstore is powered by the eSellerate and allows you to buy Ziepod+ in secure environment. Likewise, you can buy Ziepod+ from inside, thru embedded store again powered by eSellerate

When you put the tutorial into use, you need to subscribe to podcasts which post content in video format, right? Then check the podcasts labeled with [ Video tag ] in our podcast directory. Have a good watch!

  • Tutorial on how to watch video in different formats
  • Download Ziepod+
  • Upgrade Instructions

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  • posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Podcast Directory Expanding

    When our podcast directory made its debut along with the latest version of Ziepod, it had about 150 podcasts catalogued. After a week later, now we have over 700 podcasts, all have been categorized and tagged. We are planning to add hundreds of them each week just to feed you quality content. So why don't you take a dive into our podcast directory right now!

    Another good news is that from now on, you can also access to this exquisite directory on the Internet at As the directory grows, we decided to make it available for everybody, especially for those people who are using Mac or Linux. Enjoy!

    We are also collecting podcasts from various languages other than English, and we will make them available starting with the next release of Ziepod, that is, v0.99.9. Since every language other than English seems like *Martian* to us, we need your help at finding and categorizing podcasts in your language.

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    posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Important Update

    Thanks to one of our dedicated users, we detected one bug that may be a showstopper. It not shows up in all systems but if you subscribe to a feed which is served by a slow remote server. When Ziepod reaches to a specific condition, it triggers that bug and causes crash right after starting to download an episode or even as soon as you start up Ziepod. There is more chance you may experience this if you are using the latest version of Ziepod. However previous versions may be affected, as well.

    So far two Ziepoders reported this incident and we managed to find it thanks to their help, especially by the help of Mr. Viets. It is a strange fact that this bug happens just because of the one line of code out of hundreds of thousands.

    So do you need to worry? No at all. We just updated our setup files. We recommend you to update your Ziepod, because you may experience crashes in the future, but you may not as well, based on your specific environment. It also has to be noted that this bug doesn't affect your saved data inside Ziepod but just causes crashes.

    If you like to update, you can easily do it by first uninstalling your Ziepod and then reinstalling the patched one. When you start uninstalling, Ziepod will ask you whether you like to keep your existing platform. So you will not lose any of your data in this process. Check update instructions for more.

    By the way, at the end of January, we are planning to release the version 0.99.9, which will be the last stop before the "Version One". If needed, we may release couple of small releases after that as well, just to make sure that we will release the "Version One" at its best condition. So we are looking forward to hear your feedbacks so that we can make small changes that you need while using Ziepod before releasing the "Version One"

    All in all, if you see that bug, tell him "goodbye buddy" and squash it by reinstalling the patched version. And we are sorry for the inconvenience. Here are the patched setup files.

  • Download Ziepod v0.99.8
  • Download Ziepod 0.99.8 (mirror)
  • Download Ziepod+ v0.99.8
  • Download Ziepod+ 0.99.8 (mirror)
  • Generic Update Instructions

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  • posted on Sunday, January 7, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Issues related to the new release

    There are two issues that have to be addressed regarding this new release. First one is related to the embedded podcast directory, which is one of the new features of new Ziepod and Ziepod+.

    At this point, podcast directory only hosts 150 podcasts. Since we were so occupied with the new release we haven't found the time to populate the directory. In couple of days, we will add many new podcasts and help you reach most listened to podcasts on the Internet. We also like to provide podcasts in various languages other than English. By the way, if you like to recommend podcasts in your language, send us now and help other Ziepoders find podcasts in your language.

    Another issue regarding this new release is slow retrieval of site listing from When you want to get information about any individual podcast from via new Ziepod or Ziepod+, it takes more than couple of seconds, and sometimes Ziepod and Ziepod+ fails to retrieve. We are working on this issue and hopefully in couple of days we will make that process faster.

    So, these are the two issues that you should keep in mind while using new Ziepod and Ziepod+. Have a smooth ride!

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    posted on Monday, January 1, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    New Versions of Ziepod and Ziepod+ ready to download

    Long waited new versions of Ziepod and Ziepod+ are available for download. In this release, we upgraded Ziepod into a new level in terms of its user interface. While this new design will allow us to add more features in the future, it also provides more spacious environment to experience podcasts better.

    Other than upgraded user interface, this new release also supports many new features, such as embedded podcast directory and enhanced searching capabilities. If you have a Ziepod+, then you will experience more, such as external download monitor panel, download speed limit, tabbed browsing capability and content filtering tools like virtual channels and word watchdogs.

    Hope you like this new version. Enjoy it!

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    posted on Monday, January 1, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

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