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Posts published in March 2007
While getting to the Version One

We are at version 0.99.9. Too many 9s? Don't worry, we are about to sum them up to the 1. In other words, we are 0.00.1 away from the Version One. So close! Currently, we are wrapping up the next release, which will be version 0.99.9 build2 (or b2 in short).

Upcoming new release will include tiny features that increase the user friendlyness of Ziepod. More than that, as we are one step away from the 'Version One', we especially focused on removal of bugs, small or big doesn't matter. Happy to say that with each new release, we are getting less bad news related to bugs via user feedbacks. Sometimes these feedbacks point out very tiny anomalies or rarely the ugly ones. We are trying to catch any type of bug just to make sure that it doesn't bother anybody.

The new release hopefully will be available next week and if everything goes well with that, in no more than a month, we will rename that release as 'Version One' without the *beta* tag, which will mark another milestone in the development life of Ziepod.

Please do not hesitate to send any feedback about Ziepod. Feel free to ask questions about things you don't understand so that we can make sure that you use Ziepod in full strength. Or your question might be originated from an anomaly that has to be resolved, who knows. Sharing your thoughts with us will make Ziepod better. If you are using the latest version, sending us a feedback is as easy as pressing ALT and F keys together. And, have to say, we got so much suggestions and positive feedback. We are so grateful for that.

In short, sit tight as new version is coming soon.

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Ziepod Mentions

We are working on Ziepod day and night. We answer your questions and welcome your suggestions continuously. All to make Ziepod more powerful and best of its kind. And while doing this, some of our dedicated users mention Ziepod in their blogs and podcasts. Have to say, we are so happy and proud to have such Ziepod lovers.

To show our appreciation for their support, we decided to mention them to all our users and created a [ new section ] at where we try to list all those blogs and podcasts of our dedicated users. Some of the blogs listed there are top blogs in the Blogosphere and we are so proud that they mentioned Ziepod to their audience. Couple of them are Scripting News, Lockergnome, Geek News Central, and--of course--Robin Good's Blog.

We may work hard to make Ziepod more powerful but people who make use of that power bring the meaning to that power. Without those people who mentioned Ziepod, we may not have been able to serve to thousands of people today. And to serve to more people, we need to get all support we can get from all Ziepod lovers out there.

Ziepod Affiliate Program

Other than simply mentioning Ziepod, if you have a podcast, you can become a Ziepod Affiliate and support Ziepod in that way. We had 3 affiliates at this moment; Hunter Silvastorm Podcast, and Risky Business. We advertise our affiliates at all pages of and help them reach more audience. In fact, this is so limited considering what we will offer to our affiliates after releasing the Ziepod v1.0. If you do have a podcast and like to be an affiliate, please visit [ this page ] to learn more.

All in all, we are trying to make Ziepod a win-win situation for everybody. Our hard work creates that power and your support makes it continuous. We hope you mention Ziepod to your audience. Just giving a link to is enough to be listed. That easy!

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