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Posts published in May 2007
New Ziepods can generate "Crash Report"

Ziepoders know that we do care about their feedbacks, both good and, especially the bad news. That's why we developed embeded feedback window to help you send your messages to us easily. In addition to that, Ziepod also automatically asks for your feedback on abnormal terminations.

To get better feedback, today we are going one more step forward and presenting a new feature which is used to collect more information about abnormal terminations. This new feature allows you to generate crash report to be used at investigating it in our "CSI" lab.

We do care for this because we know that you care for Ziepod, too. We get lots of feedback saying that Ziepod is the best and we want to be the best by always trying to do the best. And to accomplish that, we want to keep our eye on Ziepod and when any ugly bug comes out, we want to get the right feedback from you so that we can terminate it. So that's why we developed this new feature.

How to make use of it

We haven't intergrated this new feature into the actual Ziepod and Ziepod+ setup files yet but we made replicas of those setup files with this new feature included. If you want to use it, here are the setup files for Ziepod and Ziepod+

  • Ziepod v0.99.9 Build3 with Crash Report Feature
  • Ziepod Plus v0.99.9 Build3 with Crash Report Feature
  • Different than actual released Ziepod, when this special built Ziepod somehow crashes, a dialog window immediately pops up and allows you to save the report for that particular crash. This report consists of 2 files, both will be used at generating the exact moment of the crash in our test bed. Keep in mind that these two files are generated by Windows itself and we don't have any control over their content.

    By using this report, we will be able to pinpoint the cause with fair enough precision, unless they are generated by third party libraries. So while using this special setup, if you experience any crash, just save the report and send it to us via email so that we can investigate the case and provide a solution.

    Btw, if you see anything strange inside Ziepod, don't call 911, press ALT+F to send your message to us. We will be saving you, not 911.

    Have a nice day,
    Ziepod Team

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    posted on Thursday, May 31, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Outages at and

    Due to problems that our server providing company experienced lately, all database-dependent services of and have been offline yesterday (05/26). Those affected areas included podcast directory, ratings, and web search sections of Ziepod client as well as all our websites. We are feeling very sorry about that and hope you understand that this is in the nature of the servers, even though that long outage was totally unacceptable. Nevertheless, other than podcast episodes rated by Ziepoders during that time, we didn't lose a bit of data.

    As these problems surfaced more lately and we don't want you to experience any such outage again in the future, we immediately salvaged all our sites and moved them to a safer server, including However, since is the heaviest of all (in the order of Gigabytes), we will be moving that within next week. So we hope that company keep up till we migrate that to a new platform.

    Since we moved to a new server, if you are feeling that your message didn't reach us due to that transition, please use address to send your emails. We don't expect such problems but it's good to have plan B, right?

    Hope this outage didn't stop you enjoying your Ziepod and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Have a nice weekend,

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    posted on Sunday, May 27, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Most related podcasts for categories at

    Are you looking for podcasts? Who aren't? If you use Ziepod, then there are various ways to find podcasts to subscribe to. One of them is the embedded 'Podcast Directory'. However it is not as large as you may expect. So at, we made use of automated categorization feature and came up with automatically extended version of the Podcast Directory. In short, now you have one more way to find podcasts thru

    At, we ordered podcasts based on how content centric they are. For example, in case of category 'Technology', those podcasts that mostly mention technology oriented words in their published content are listed at the very begining of that list. Ok, here are the links for each major category and then you will decide how well our categorization works.

  • Most related podcasts for category 'Business'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Entertainment'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Life'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Politics'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Science'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Sports'
  • Most related podcasts for category 'Technology'
  • We have tens of thousands of podcasts listed at however each of these specially ordered lists contains no more than a couple of tousands podcasts. That is because we filtered out the ones that are not content centric, in other words the ones that publish content in variety of categories but not on specific one.

    Hope you make use of these lists to find new podcasts that you might like to listen to with your Ziepod.

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    posted on Monday, May 7, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Small update for a little bug

    Thanks to Ziepoder Vasilakis, we covered up a tiny bug coming with the latest version, that is, version 0.99.9 Build3. This bug disables "Subscibe Now" button shown when you open listing of a feed at from inside Ziepod. If you are not using embedded features, this bug is nothing to worry about. Just continue surfing with your Ziepod.

    Curing this case is as easy as downloading following patched file and placing it into a folder. Or if you don't want to do that, you can re-download Ziepod and reinstall it.

    File to Download :

    After downloading this file (or use 'save as' option), move it into following path to replace with its corrupted version:

    [Ziepod Installation Path]\ZiepodUser\Tmp

    or by default C:\Program Files\Ziepod\ZiepodUser\Tmp

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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    posted on Monday, May 7, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    Ziepod Build 3 for Version 0.99.9 is up and ready for download

    As we just launched reborned version of along with very neat features, we didn't want you to miss the power that you can make use of to find better podcasts and episodes on the Internet. In addition to that, thanks to more feedbacks from our dedicated users, we got couple of important feedbacks that had to be addressed before getting to the 'Version One.' And there you go, today, we are releasing the Build 3 for the Version 0.99.9. doubles the power of Ziepod

    The goal of embedded inside Ziepod is to allow you to find podcasts and episodes so that you can easily and quickly put them into use by subscribing to found podcasts and saving and playing found episodes, without having to open any browser. And this new release adds more ways to accomplish this goal with better precision.

    Here is the short overview of upgrades related to & Ziepod integration

    Better search results & Seach preferences

    Searching quality is not changed but you will be able to make use of automatically assigned categories and tags in order to optimize your search by eliminating unrelated content or ordering them based on how category centric they are. In addition to that, you can also specify the language for search results.

    Tag highlights

    Other than searching, also provides tag highligths, that is, latest 2 audios and videos and most related 2 feeds for each tag. As its name implies, this allows you to see the latest content about any topic at once, which saves your time.

    Tag-cloud for feeds monitors feeds and keeps track of topics that are mentioned in published content. Then, it visualizes those mentioned topics in flash-based visualization tool, showing the most mentioned topics at first. This gives you the best overview of the content of that feed and lets you understand what that feed is all about at a glance. Now you can access that content visualization thru Ziepod.

    Related feeds

    When you check any feed via, it also lists 5 feeds that are most related to that feed based on true content match. In addition to that, you can also see most related feeds for each tag. All accessible thru Ziepod. Hence this allows you to reach related feeds and podcasts by just checking your favorite feeds or tags.

    To use these new features, after installing this new release, go to the 'Search' segment in the Home tab. Sure you will feel the difference.

    Arrested Bugs

    Thanks to the feedbacks from our dedicated Ziepoders, we managed to detected a anomaly related to the download module. All feedbacks considered, in case of high load of download traffic, Ziepod crashes at some random level. So, first we should say sorry for the inconvenience and have to add that at certain computer environment you may experience difficulties but we still haven't experienced this in our test bed, which makes the case very difficult for us to identify fully. So based on feedbacks we got, we tried to simplify and secure download-related modules that may cause those inconvenient cases.

    Early tests with our testers showed that it improved the case. However as each computer environment is different than one another, we need to see that improvement over wide range before getting into the Version One. So we'll see. We recommend everyone to use the latest release as we believe it is the most stable one of all.

    To sum up ...

    We believe this release is one of the most interesting and powerful releases of all, as new powerful and content-centric search and browsing features of is available thru Ziepod. Hope you make use of it to explore the unlistened portion of podcast world.

    In short, make use of Ziepod in every possible way you can. That is what we are building it for. And don't forget to uninstall your old one before installing the new one. Check 'Upgrade Instructions' for more.

    Sunny days,

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  • Download Ziepod version 0.99.9 Build 3 [ Mirror ]
  • Read Release Notes for Ziepod version 0.99.9 Build 3
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Trouble-Shooting
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