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Posts published in September 2007
Regarding the "Version One" and our next "Big" project

Based on the feedbacks we got from our users, we believe the latest release of Ziepod, that is Build5, is a good candidate for the Version One and we are making final preparations to release it as the "Version One" within the next week. You may ask why another week? We decided to release the Version One along with our another brand new project, even though there is no direct connection between each other.

Our next "Big" project

As we mentioned before, at the Ziemantics Labs, we are developing a brand new web-based project. It is a free speech platform, enabling people to share their opinions on talk subjects which are created by people themselves. It has a really interesting and futuristic user interface, which is based on a combination of flash and AJAX techonologies.

Like to be a tester?

We are still putting the final touches and hopefully within this week we will be starting its alpha test. And we are looking for volunteers for that test. Since we designed and developed the whole project from scratch (including Apache-like server itself and a specialized software application for remote access), we like to test it with as much people as possible to see how it performs under heavy load.

If you like to become a tester, you just need to leave your email address thru [ this form ]. We will contact you when alpha test is ready for testing. Keep in mind that we will use your email address only for that purpose, since the project itself has its own test drivers email list that you can subscribe to if you like.

New project is the most interesting and unique of all

If you find Ziepod unique and appealing, we want you to consider participating in our alpha tests and get a sneak preview of our next big project before everybody else. It is based on a very simple concept but what makes it interesting and powerful is that it provides such features that you can very easily share and reach content in the platform. Hope you like it.

Besides, this new project includes a subproject which allows people to translate its visual components into languages other than English so that anybody from around the world will be able to make use of it. Since we will use that subproject to translate Ziepod in upcoming months, we hope you give us a feedback on that before starting to use it for Ziepod.

Hope you want to be a tester and help us test our new project before its public debut. In return, we will give you a "present", which involves yet another new project from the Ziemantics to be released at the end of this year--"hopefully".

Get ready for a double-header release day coming really soon!

Thanks in advance for your interest.

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Monday, the Tip Day: Bloglines Support

Bloglines is one of well-known web-based news aggreators(aka feed readers) on the Internet. What makes Bloglines special is that it allows external applications to access accounts remotely thru a special interface. In short, if you have a Bloglines account, you can access your Bloglines account via Ziepod and read and track your Bloglines subscriptions thru Ziepod.

To allow Ziepod to access your Bloglines account, follow these given steps:

  • Switch to 'Subscriptions' tab
  • Click the arrow of the 'Add' button and get the menu
  • From shown menu choose 'Add from Bloglines Account' menu option
  • A dialog window pops up to allow you to enter your login info for your Bloglines account. Enter your username and password and press Next button.
  • When you press that Next button, Ziepod connects to your account and retrieves the list of your subscriptions. Check the boxes corresponding to the subscriptions you like to add to your Ziepod.
  • Click Finish to finish this process.
  • When Ziepod tries to synch your Bloglines subscriptions, it does not check them from their actual sources but via your Bloglines account. If new posts available, Ziepod automatically marks those new posts as read so that next time you login to you Bloglines account, say from your work computer, you don't have to deal with those read posts.

    If you have any question about this issue, we like to answer them. Just send your question from inside Ziepod by using ALT+F keyboard shortuct. Hope you make use of this tip.

    Till the next tip, keep yourself and your Ziepod in good shape,

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    Monday, the Tip Day: Filtering out text-only content

    Today's tip is yet another handy feature of feature-rich Ziepod. The feature we are talking about is filtering out unwanted content. To be exact, this feature allows you to filter out posts with no associated audio or video file, in other words posts with text-only content. This may not be one of those features you always make use of it but for special cases.

    If you don't want to deal with posts with text-only content but only see audio or video episodes published thru any podcast, you can customize this feature for that individual podcast and let Ziepod filter out unwanted posts before you see them. To do this:

  • Open the properties of that podcast by right clicking on that in the Subscriptions tab
  • Switch to the "Filter" tab in the Properties dialog window
  • Check the box named "Exclude all posts with text-only content"
  • Click OK to apply the changes and continue using Ziepod
  • This is how to use this feature for an individual podcast. Maybe you didn't think of this feature before but one of our users thought that and shared his suggestion with us. Then we added it at the next release and we are glad that we have such users.

    Do you have any such fancy ideas? We really want to hear your experience with Ziepod. Tell us your routines with Ziepod and let us brainstorm on that to try to make it automated. Use ALT+F keyboard shortcut to send your messages via Ziepod.

    Have a great week,

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