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Ziepod v0.98 Released
posted on Monday, December 5, 2005
SUMMARY [ New *polished* Ziepod version 0.98 is available for download. This update includes many new features including capability of playing audio files from your computer and web pages by just drag-and-dropping files or links. Coming with this release, customization of global settings and settings for each individual podcast makes Ziepod even more powerful. To learn more, click here ]

One of our users described Ziepod as an "unpolished dimond." We got many feedbacks, like this colorful one and used them as the best guide for success. As a result, we enhanced Ziepod by adding new features and updating existing ones. We believe that you'll find Ziepod more appealing than ever.

Other than updates to make user interface better, we had two objectives in our minds. Those are adding new ways that you can use Ziepod for and giving you more options to customize Ziepod based on your needs.

More Sources to Feed Ziepod

Till version 0.98, Ziepod can only play episodes published thru subscribed podcasts or the ones coming from search results. However this new release makes Ziepod a complete audio player.

You can drag-and-drop MP3 files from your computer to play them. More importantly, when you come accross links to MP3 files inside web pages on the Internet, you can again simply drag-and-drop them onto Ziepod window to either play or download via Ziepod.

This new feature is especially effective in Deskbar Mode. While Ziepod sits on top of the caption bar of your Internet Explorer or FireFox, you can easily drag-and-drop links and quickly access that audio content.

More Customization

Customization defines what you can do with Ziepod as it gives you that ability to tweak things as the way you want. Otherwise it becomes useless.

Even though till version 0.98 we couldn't give that much customization, this new version makes Ziepod fit like a glove to your needs and requirements. This new release not only allows you to customize global settings, such as 'Base Download Path', but also enables you to customize most of those global settings for each individual podcast.

And More

Moreover, we updated popup notifier so that you can quickly perform actions on all new posts at once, such as playing all new episodes or deleting them.

New fully customizable keyboard shortcuts also let you quickly perform actions, such as opening download directory or starting global synchronization.

All in All ...

Ziepod v0.98 gives you more options to reach audio content and to customize the way you manage them.

Check out following links to learn more about this new release of Ziepod

  • Version 0.98 in Detail: What is new?
  • Take updated Ziepod Slideshow for quick&clean introduction
  • Ziepod version 0.98 (BETA) Release Notes
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