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New : Ziepod+, Media Aggregator & Player
posted on Monday, December 5, 2005
SUMMARY [ Built on top of Ziepod, Ziepod+ is designed to handle both audio and video content. Especially flexibility of video panel brings a unique experience and changes the way you watch video on your computer. Ziepod+ also enables you to easily extract and monitor Yahoo! video search results, and watch BBC Video News, thanks to 'Remote Media Link Checking' feature. ]

We are proud to present our new software application, called Ziepod+ (version 0.98, BETA).

Next Generation Media Player

We believe Ziepod+ is a next-generation media player. Unlike other media players which are only used to play media files, Ziepod+ brings those media files right in front of you by monitoring podcasts, video feeds, and video search results (via Yahoo!).

Hence, it truly feeds you media, rather than you feed it.

Ziepod+ & Video Feeds

Built on top of Ziepod, Ziepod+ is designed to handle both audio and video based content. As you use Ziepod to reach podcasts, now Ziepod+ makes the same job for video feeds. You can easily download or stream video files posted thru video feeds. Ziepod+ also helps you manage those downloaded video files so that you can easily reach them whenever you want.

Reaching out Video Files on the Internet via Yahoo!

Yahoo! provides feeds for video search results. You can easily subscribe to those feeds at one step and quickly reach video files from all over the Internet, thanks to Ziepod+

You can also extract individual video files from Yahoo! video search results by the help of automatically injected buttons, as shown above. At one click, you will be able to play or download selected video file.

Flexible User Interface

Maybe the most powerful side of Ziepod+ is the flexibility of its video panel. Like in Ziepod, Ziepod+ also provides four visual modes. In whatever mode you are in, you can watch video. Especially in the 'Deskbar Mode' shown above, video panel becomes dockable window, which you can resize till tiny size and watch video without affecting your actual work.

Remote Media Checking & BBC Video News

Ziepod+ comes with very interesting feature which is used to automatically extract media content from pointed web pages when feed does not include explicit location of associated media files.

A good example is BBC video feeds. They do not include explicit location of video files so that Ziepod+ can play them directly but make you visit web pages to watch those video files. Ziepod+ checks those web pages and brings the video files right in front of you. No need to waste your time by browsing around. Even better, you can watch BBC News while working on other things.

All in all ...

Ziepod+ brings video and audio based content right in front of you from all over the Internet and offers you very flexible user interface to play that retrieved content.

Check out following links to learn more about Ziepod+

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  • Ziepod+ version 0.98 (BETA) Release Notes
  • Remote Media Link Checking
  • How to watch BBC News in Video via Remote Media Link Checking
  • How to make use of 'Yahoo Video Search Results'
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