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New Website Design and Upgrades
posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2006
SUMMARY [ Before releasing the newest version of Ziepod, we redesigned our website to support this upcoming new version. Our renewed website supports new features. Most important of them are activated 'Ratings' charts and 'Ziepod Affiliate' program. This new design is just the begining of what's yet to come. Hope you enjoy it.]

We are about to release the newest version of Ziepod, which is the version 0.99.8. But before releasing it, we are happy to present redesigned version of our website.

New website design provides various features with respect to the former one. Most important of them are activated 'Ratings' charts and 'Ziepod Affiliate' program.

Ziepoders Ratings

Starting with the first version of Ziepod, one of the strong features that hasn't been activated till now is that users,-- or what we call, Ziepoders--have the capability of rating podcast episodes and sharing that with others. By upgrading our website, we finished that loop. From now on, inside the 'Ratings' tab of our redesigned website, you will be able to see podcast episodes that were rated by Ziepoders while they were listening to them.

There are various points to mention regarding this activated 'Ratings' charts. First, it helps Ziepoders share their suggestions with others, as well as helping others find quality content thanks to those who rated them. As all these rated episodes will be able to be reached from inside the upcoming new version of Ziepod, it will be a great source for Ziepoders.

Another point is that, since we are also presenting from which country Ziepoder is along with what that Ziepoder rated, this extra information especially helps others who happened to be in the same country. We provided such feature because, we also like to think the international aspect of the content and how to make it available to the international community. It also reflects the fact that Ziepod is used in various countries, which makes us very happy and proud.

If you have podcast, then you can make use of these charts to reach more audience. As more of your audience rate your podcast productions via Ziepod, your podcast will be listed more and have more chance to reach more audience. So recommending Ziepod to your listeners might be a good idea to gain more listeners.

Ziepod Affiliate Program

Another new feature is the 'Affiliate' program. Previously, we encouraged podcasters to put 'Ziepod Add' button to their websites to help their visitors to subscribe to their podcast via Ziepod. Starting with our redesigned website, we formalized that procedure.

As we will present more tools for podcasters to help them reach more audience and faciliate interaction with their existing audience, we like to keep in touch with podcasters and this new 'Affiliation' program will help us track them.

In fact, 'Ziepod Affiliate' program not only enables us to track but also gives us a chance to return the favour. That is, we will be advertising our Affiliates at Ziepod.com for free as they advertise us at their sites.

If you have a podcast and consider becoming our affiliate, please click [ here ] to apply today.

To sum up

As we activated the 'Ratings' charts, we like our users to participate by rating podcast epsiodes while they are listening to them with Ziepod. Because after all what you rate will help others to reach quality content, and what others rate will help you in the same way.

This new design of our website is just the begining of what's yet to come. Hope you enjoy it.

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