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Important Update
posted on Sunday, January 7, 2007

Thanks to one of our dedicated users, we detected one bug that may be a showstopper. It not shows up in all systems but if you subscribe to a feed which is served by a slow remote server. When Ziepod reaches to a specific condition, it triggers that bug and causes crash right after starting to download an episode or even as soon as you start up Ziepod. There is more chance you may experience this if you are using the latest version of Ziepod. However previous versions may be affected, as well.

So far two Ziepoders reported this incident and we managed to find it thanks to their help, especially by the help of Mr. Viets. It is a strange fact that this bug happens just because of the one line of code out of hundreds of thousands.

So do you need to worry? No at all. We just updated our setup files. We recommend you to update your Ziepod, because you may experience crashes in the future, but you may not as well, based on your specific environment. It also has to be noted that this bug doesn't affect your saved data inside Ziepod but just causes crashes.

If you like to update, you can easily do it by first uninstalling your Ziepod and then reinstalling the patched one. When you start uninstalling, Ziepod will ask you whether you like to keep your existing platform. So you will not lose any of your data in this process. Check update instructions for more.

By the way, at the end of January, we are planning to release the version 0.99.9, which will be the last stop before the "Version One". If needed, we may release couple of small releases after that as well, just to make sure that we will release the "Version One" at its best condition. So we are looking forward to hear your feedbacks so that we can make small changes that you need while using Ziepod before releasing the "Version One"

All in all, if you see that bug, tell him "goodbye buddy" and squash it by reinstalling the patched version. And we are sorry for the inconvenience. Here are the patched setup files.

  • Download Ziepod v0.99.8
  • Download Ziepod 0.99.8 (mirror)
  • Download Ziepod+ v0.99.8
  • Download Ziepod+ 0.99.8 (mirror)
  • Generic Update Instructions
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