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Podcast Directory Expanding
posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2007

When our podcast directory made its debut along with the latest version of Ziepod, it had about 150 podcasts catalogued. After a week later, now we have over 700 podcasts, all have been categorized and tagged. We are planning to add hundreds of them each week just to feed you quality content. So why don't you take a dive into our podcast directory right now!

Another good news is that from now on, you can also access to this exquisite directory on the Internet at As the directory grows, we decided to make it available for everybody, especially for those people who are using Mac or Linux. Enjoy!

We are also collecting podcasts from various languages other than English, and we will make them available starting with the next release of Ziepod, that is, v0.99.9. Since every language other than English seems like *Martian* to us, we need your help at finding and categorizing podcasts in your language.

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