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Feedzie.com Reborned
posted on Friday, April 27, 2007

Today is one of those days, a big one, as we are releasing reborned Feedzie.com to the public. To us, this is very important because we are taking a huge step towards providing more web-oriented services to the people of the cyberspace.

Compared to old versions of Feedzie.com, this new release is a result of the most creative development cycle we ever performed since its debut in 2005. Unlike almost all feed-oriented search engines and directories on the Internet, we are operating Feedzie.com on content-centric methods. In other words, we are showing you more than what publishers post thru their feeds. We are truely getting into the content and extract anything we can to let you understand the topics which those feeds mention throughout their lifecyle, giving you a true overview.

New : Automated Tagging

We started to build the new core almost 5 months ago and still building onto. This new core technology allows us to automatically tag podcast episodes and feeds with pre-defined tags. Those tags have been automatically populated from the content produced by the Blogosphere itself and they are very category-centric descriptive words and phrases. At this very early stage of our core, even though our automated tagging procedure is a bit naive, you will find that it is very good at tag selection.

New : Automated Categorization

In addition to auto-tagging, Feedzie.com also categorizes podcast episodes and feeds by looking at what those episodes and feeds talk about. It uses 7 predefined categories; Business, Entertainment, Life, Politics, Science, Sports, and Technology. You will be able to use these categories to optimize your search.

Here are couple of sites that Feedzie mapped and categorized their published content.:

  • Diggnation
  • Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy
  • Micro Persuasion
  • New : Most Related Feeds

    Feedzie.com helps you find the most related feeds to the topics that you might be interested in and it does that with good enough precision. Feedzie.com selects most related 100 feeds out of hundreds of thousands for each tag. Not only that, it also shows you the most related feeds for each feed by comparing their published content with one another. In short, if there is a feed that you like, find it in the Feedzie.com and see other related feeds that you might be interested in.

    Here are couple of samples showing most related feeds from our collection associated with shown tags:

  • Most related 100 feeds for tag 'NASA'
  • Most related 100 feeds for tag 'Google'
  • Most related 100 feeds for tag 'Apple'
  • You will see that given title or description of a feed may not help you understand what that feed publishes about but we are showing you exactly what those feeds are talking about. Believe it or not we are even ordering those topics.

    New : Feeds for Tags

    As a Ziepoder, this is something that you can easily start to put into use. Feedzie.com now provides feeds for each tag so that you can keep an eye on your favorite topics by making use of Ziepod and Feedzie.com together, which is a very anticipated feature, btw.

    This is all good but other than feed support all other new features are only accessible from the website. In other words, if you are using Feedzie from inside Ziepod, you will be experiencing existing functionalities, not the new ones. Nevertheless, future releases of Ziepod will incorporate these new features of Feedzie.

    Future of Feedzie.com

    Feedzie.com along with its new core is a stepping stone for our future services. We will be building and developing new technologies via Feedzie.com, which helps us provide better and more unique services to our users. At upcoming development cycles, we will be working on tools that let feed publishers make use of the content-centric features of Feedzie.com at their websites. We will also work on new ways to let Ziepoders reach more audio and video content via Feedzie.com.


    When time comes to support, maybe we should first thank those people who bought Ziepod+ as we are using their investment to support Feedzie.com. In that matter, we also like to encourage everbody to buy Ziepod+ to support the future of Feedzie.com and any project we will embark.

    On the other hand, if you have a blog, make sure that you are listed at Feedzie.com and please consider adding this badge to your website along with the link to your listing at Feedzie.com.

    Badge Link

    All in all ...

    This is one of the most important steps we are taking towards more web-oriented and content-centric services and very happy and honored to come to this far. We believe, thanks to Feedzie.com, you will be experiencing something new that you haven't seen it yet in any website, including those websites that weight million or even billions of dollars ... kidding ... maybe not.

    If you are interested in how Feedzie.com interprets the Blogosphere, you should keep an eye on our new blog at blog.feedzie.com. We will be taking snapshots of the Blogosphere from various angles and present those photos in this new blog.

    Have fun!

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