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Tip of the Day : Control over downloads
posted on Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's tip is about having a control over the downloads. If you have a Ziepod+, that is purchasable version of Ziepod, you will be able to monitor progress of your downloads at any time and even limit used bandwidth.

Ziepod+ comes with download status monitor panel, like the one shown above. Just use ALT+D keyboard shortcut to see this external panel, and note that this keyboard shortcut is a hotkey, that is, it enables you to open this panel even Ziepod is minimized at the time. You can also customize this keyboard shortcut thru your Preferences.

This external panel allows you to track progress of each download and apply certain actions on them, like pausing and canceling. It stays on top of all windows and becomes transparent when you focus on another application so that you can still see your downloads, without intervening with other opened windows.

Another tip on controlling downloads is being able to limit bandwidth usage. Note that Ziepod and Ziepod+ tries to use your bandwidth as much as possible to download episodes fast. However this may distrupt and slow down your other internet activities, such as streaming media, like watching video over YouTube. To prevent such cases, Ziepod+ provides you the feature which allows you to limit bandwidth usage.

To set this limit;

  • Open your preferences (by using CTRL+P keyboard shortcut)
  • Switch to the 'Connection' tab, where you set internet connection related settings
  • Check the box entitled 'Make sure that total download speed does not exceed ...'
  • Set the limit in terms of KBs/sec.
  • Press 'OK' to apply this change.
  • Deciding this speed limit is entirely up to you. You can set the half of your internet connection speed or some low constant value, like 20 KBs/sec. Just a quick tip: if your internet speed is 1024 Kbps (Kilobits per sec)(1024 Kbps = 1 Mbps), then your max download speed should be around 128 KBs/sec (Kilobytes per sec). In short, just divide it with 8 to map that number from bits to bytes.

    Today's tip shows that Ziepod+ has more tools that you can make use of when comes to downloading experience. Hope you purchase it and support the future of Ziepod product family. If you like to try it out now, click [ here ] to download Ziepod+.

    Have a good week,

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