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Monday, the Tip Day: Playing with Tabs
posted on Monday, June 25, 2007

One of the characteristics of user interface of Ziepod is that it groups provided functions into tabs, which facilitates user experience. For example 'Subscriptions' tab allows you to manage your subscriptions while 'Downloads' tab is for managing downloads. Ziepod has 4 tabs and Ziepod+ has one more tab called Browser, for integrated tabbed browsing experience. We believe tabs is one of the powerful features of Ziepod.

So, today's tip is about tabs and two-folded. Here we go.

Start-up tab

By default, Ziepod starts up in 'Home' tab, which shows you the latest retrieved content along with some statistics in familiar web-like interface. However everybody has different needs and may want Ziepod to switch to specific tab automaticaly at the start up, such as 'Subscriptions' tab. Here is how to do that:

  • Open your preferences by using CTRL+P keyboard shortcut
  • Switch to the 'Display' tab in the dialog window
  • You will see a checkbox entitled, When Ziepod starts up, automatically switch to ..., check that box and then choose the tab that you like to start with
  • Click OK to apply changes and exit
  • Order of tabs
    Other than choosing the start-up tab, you can do one more interesting thing; that is, changing the order of tabs. It's not given in the help of Ziepod but easy to do. Here is how to do that:
  • Click on the tab you like to change its order, but don't release the button
  • At the same time, press CTRL key and keep pressed till you finish with ordering.
  • Now move the mouse horizontally till the tab you choosed is in the place that you want.
  • Release the mouse button and CTRL key.
  • Like the ones we gave before, this tip shows the level of customization that Ziepod offers to you. We believe everybody has different needs and requirements. We mostly guess them by thinking hard but we also get lots of feedback and suggestions from our users. Do you have one? Tell us your suggestion. Just launch the embedded feedback dialog of Ziepod by using ALT+F shortcut to send your suggestion.

    Good day,

    posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 | Permalink ( # )
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