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Monday, the Tip Day: Assess yourself better with Statistics
posted on Monday, August 27, 2007

Statistical analysis of a game, like NBA or NFL match, shows most of the hidden part of the game. It helps us understand what the real factors are that we don't know or not aware of. Likewise, statistics on content retrieved via Ziepod can give you rough idea about your daily usage habbits and capacity. Moreover, it gives you a chance to compare your performances daily and see the improvement or degradation.

Certainly, it is not that kind of "necessary" feature that we talked about before, but certainly it should be interesting to see that kind of statistics. Hence, we made Ziepod so that it provides you certain statistics about your daily usage. Currently, Ziepod can only remember the statistics for last 5 days. What kind of statistics are we talking about? There you go :

  • number of retrieved posts & episodes
  • number of minutes you played episodes
  • number of read posts
  • number of rated episodes
  • number of megabytes you downloaded
  • To give an example, you can see how many megabytes of data you downloaded yesterday or the day before and see your total usage for last 5 days. Or you can see how many minutes of episodes you played yesterday and compare it with today's performance. Pretty neat huh?

    You can see those statistics by switching to the 'Home' tab and scroll down a little. You will see a box located at the right handside, where statistics are presented in graph, like this one above. Reading the graph and switching between them is very easy.

    We hope you like this feature and assess yourself by making use of it. Do you have any suggestions regarding this feature? We'd love to hear them. Please send your messages and suggestions from inside Ziepod by using ALT+F keyboard shortcut.

    By the way, we are about to make couple of big announcements and a new release of Ziepod, that is Build5, within this week. Keep your eyes on this blog for futher development.

    Till then, have a great week,

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