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Release Notes for Ziepod Version 0.9 (BETA)

Release Version : 0.9 (BETA)
Release Date : August, 2005

Release version 0.9 Includes :
General Features :

  • Monitoring all versions of RSS and Atom type feeds
  • Downloading enclosures(episodes) with pause/resume support
  • Download scheduling
  • Managing multiple downloads in Download list
  • Adding podcasts via OPML file
  • Creating folders to keep/archive episodes inside
  • Copying and moving episodes from one podcast or folder into another
  • Rating episodes
  • Searching episodes located inside the Ziepod
  • Searching episodes located inside the Feedzie DBs
  • Trashbin

    Visual Features :

  • 4 Visual Modes; Deskbar, Player, Column, and Full-View modes
  • 4 Tabs; Home, Folders, Search, and Tasks tabs
  • Popup Notifier with notification sound
  • Toggling Main Frame
  • Playlist & player related buttons
  • 'Settings Icon' on the caption bar.

    Specific Preferences Settings :

  • Automated actions:
    • exporting downloaded episodes into pre-defined directory
    • adding new episodes into playlist
    • cleaning playlist at startup
    • resuming downloads after Ziepod starts up
  • Starting Ziepod in same visual mode.
  • Switching on/off trashbin
  • Switching on/off popup notifier
  • Running Ziepod when Windows starts up
  • Minimize Ziepod into the System Tray
  • Minimize with close button

    One-Click Features
    (buttons mostly used in Feedzie.com and ziepod.com)

  • Adding one or multiple podcast at one click
  • Playing episode at one click
  • Adding one or multiple episodes into the playlist at one click
  • Start downloading episode at one click

  • Keep in mind that given listing above informs you about major features coming with the first release of Ziepod. Upcoming update releases will include more detailed release notes about what is updated and added into those releases.

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    Available Release Notes
    - Release 1.0 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 1.0
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5
    - Release 0.99.9 Build4 (Ziepod+)
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    - Release 0.99.9 Build3
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2
    - Release 0.99.9 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9
    - Release 0.99.8 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.8
    - Release 0.99.1 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.1
    - Release 0.99 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99
    - Release 0.98 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.98
    - Release 0.91
    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
    If you encounter any problem

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