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Release Notes for Ziepod Version 0.98 (BETA)

Release Version : Ziepod 0.98 (BETA)
Release Date : December, 2005

New Items :
  • New Wizard-based Initialization Procedure
  • Fully Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Customization of global 'Base Download Path'
  • Global auto shell command run for each downloaded episode
  • Drag'N'Drop audio and video files from your computer
  • Drag'N'Drop links to audio and video files from web pages
  • 'New Download' menu option in 'Tasks' tab to download external files w/Ziepod
  • <iTunes:duration> tag interpretation for RSS and ATOM feeds
  • Folder hierarchy preservation at OPML import
  • 3 Podcast Status Icons : Normal(), Synching(), Updated()
  • Download related customization for individual podcasts :
    • Download path customization
    • Actions at the detection of new episodes
    • Actions when download finishes
    • Auto shell command run for each downloaded episode
  • Confirmation dialog for re-download
  • Confirmation dialog for cancelling all downloads
  • 'Delete all & clear the tab' menu option in Home tab
  • Multiple selection of podcasts and folders in 'Folders' tab
  • New external 'Uninstaller Dialog' for better uninstall
  • 'Play(ext)' menu option to play episodes in default external media player
  • Green filled bar for played portion in position seeker panel
  • Video icon() to distingush posts associated with video-type episode
  • Option to let user remove 'My Ziepod Downloads' folder at uninstall procedure
  • Handle at bottom-right corner for all visual modes(except deskbar) to resize window easily
  • Auto-mark-as-read when reading text-only posts(w/o associated episode) thru hover window
  • As in home tab, popup notifier will pop up for downloaded episodes
  • 'Save Path' of downloaded episode shown in post
  • More robust parse of feeds to extract implicit media file links given inside post content
  • Resizable left panel in full view mode and a button to toggle left panel visiblity
  • In full view mode, new posts in the list are shown in drak blue to distingish from old ones
  • New root folder called 'My Text Feeds' to distinguish text-based feeds from podcasts
  • Changes:
  • Overall polished look
  • Reduced flickering
  • Popup Notifier
    • Polished look
    • Acting as a home tab while showing new posts
    • Providing functions to mark as read or delete posts
    • Allowing popup notifier pops up in Deskbar and Player visual modes
  • Moving 'Use Gecko Rendering Engine' menu option into 'Advanced' tab in preferences
  • Auto-mark-as-read timer disabled for posts with media file associated, namely episodes
  • 'Show trashed items in search results' option disabled in preferences
  • Documentation updated
  • Removed Bugs:
  • When sound is off, if new item starts to play, it turns on.
  • In Home tab, scrolling with mouse wheel was buggy
  • In multi-langugae search, searching in all languages was same as searching in English
  • Couple of bugs in download procedure
  • Bug disabled Popup Notifier

  • Special Note:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other small bugs that not listed above.

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    Available Release Notes
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    - Release 0.99.9 Build3
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2
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    - Release 0.99.9
    - Release 0.99.8 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.8
    - Release 0.99.1 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.1
    - Release 0.99 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99
    - Release 0.98 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.98
    - Release 0.91
    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
    If you encounter any problem

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