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Release Notes for Ziepod Version 0.99 (BETA)

Release Version : Ziepod 0.99 (BETA)
Release Date : February, 2006

New Items :

  • iPod/iTunes Support (Tested with iTunes v6.02 & iPod Mini)
    • Automatically add downloaded episodes to your iPod; set globally & specific-to-podcast
    • Manage your playlists; add, edit, and delete playlists
    • Manage files in playlists; add, edit, and delete files
  • ID3 v1 & v2 support
    • Editing tags of downloaded episodes in MP3 format
    • Automatically overwriting tags of episodes in MP3 format as soon as they are downloaded
  • Capability of monitoring Dynamic OPMLs ( )
  • 'Post Sweeper' to remove unnecessary posts at once
  • 2 new built-in bins
    • 'Downloaded Episodes' ( ) to keep pointers to all downloaded episodes
    • 'Rated Episodes' ( ) to keep pointers to all rated episodes
  • Drag'N'Drop inside Ziepod (fast way to move items)
    • Moving posts from one podcast/folder to another podcast/folder
    • Moving folders and feeeds inside folder hierarchy
    • Adding episodes into playlist : from podcast/folder into playlist
  • Fully customized automation for newly detected and downloaded episodes
    • You can either adjust commands to run on all newly detected and downloaded episodes
    • Or you can specify each command for each different type of episode (such as MP3, MOV, TORRENT)
  • Bittorrent support
    • Manually direct individual torrent files to torrent client on your computer
    • Automatically direct new torrent files when they are detected
  • New in Tasks tab
    • Press 'DEL' key to cancel selected download
    • Press 'RETURN' key to toggle resume/pause state of selected download
    • Settings to filter listed items
      • Hide synchronizations
      • Hide all downloads
      • Hide paused downloads
      • Hide queued downloads
    • New download status display
      • Estimated remaining time to finish
      • Download progress bar
  • Home tab settings
    • Show only new and downloaded episodes
    • Show items posted today
    • Remove read posts when switching to another tab
  • New in Folders tab
    • Customizable feed icons: new icons for video ( ) and text-based ( ) feeds
    • State of whether folder is opened or closed is saved
    • You can rename/delete/move 'My Podcast/Text/Video Feeds' folders
    • You can create folder at the root level in the folder hierarchy
  • New keyboard shortcuts
    • Restore Ziepod (HotKey)
    • Update iPod (HotKey)
    • Run Post Sweeper for focused feed/folder
    • Toggle Embedded Player Panel
  • New customizable notification sounds to be played at specific cases
    • When an episode is downloaded
    • When new episode is detected
    • When Ziepod starts up
  • Ziepod keeps info about 'Last Played Date' and 'Play Count' of episodes (like iTunes does)
  • Feedback dialog under 'Help' menu to send feedbacks via Ziepod without using any email client
  • Key 'F1' to open Zielp help documentation
  • Checkbox to filter out feeds from treeview inside new-folder and move-folder dialogs
  • Small button on popup notifier to disable notification sound temporarily


  • Updated backend;Ziepod can handle more feeds at the same time
  • When trying to add podcasts from OPML file, now you can also open OPML file from the internet rather than from local computer. Ziepod retrieves that OPML file and shows its content.
  • Feedback dialog at full-uninstallment has been redesigned and simplified
  • Popup Notifier
    • When new post is read, remove it from 'Home' tab
    • Horizontally resizable
  • Updates in 'Podcast/Feed Properties' dialog
    • Tab 'Customize' is renamed as 'Download'
    • Synchronization and authorization related settings are moved into a new tab called 'Synch'
  • In Preferences, tab renamed: 'Popup Notifier' -> 'Notifiers'
  • Context menu of playlist has been simplified
  • Menu option to synchronize feeds under folder
  • Help documentation has been updated.
  • Removing addition of 'My Text Feeds' folder at first run
  • Disallowing users from placing folders under subscribed feeds
  • Showing size of file which is queued in 'Tasks' tab
  • Showing download progress of each synch task
  • Episode&Podcast context menus refined

    Bugs removed, which caused following cases:

  • In some cases; crash while exporting into OPML file
  • In some cases; crash while downloading
  • While stopping player during buffering stage of streaming, Ziepod crashed
  • Even user pressed "stop" to stop streaming, Ziepod continued to play
  • While exporing into OPML file, sometimes exported file is appended with double ".opml"
  • While parsing OPML, Ziepod was ignoring 'url' attribute.
  • Cancel function on multiple selected episodes didn't work
  • Icons on the context menu didn't show up when opening context menu for multiple episodes
  • Play function was not enabled when link of enclosure has "mp3.mp3" or similar duplicates inside
  • Even though episode was in the download list, Ziepod still added same episode to the download list
  • Downloaded file of trashed item should be deleted, but Ziepod didn't do that.
  • When main frame was visible, vertical splitter was thicker than it was designed.
  • Because of the fault in Reuters feeds and some of the Yahoo feeds, Ziepod showed already deleted posts or showed some of the posts in multiple times. Even though this is not our fault, we cured these annoying cases.
  • Ziepod was not able to download two file with the same name at the same time.
  • When item failed to play in the playlist, Ziepod didn't continue with next track.
  • First added item to the playlist sometimes didn't show up in Deskbar mode.
  • Menu options in MenuBar didn't synch with actual status of corresponding feature.
  • Shown icon wasn't right and 'Play' button didn't act properly for files with 'M4V' extension
  • Popup notifier might not have shown updates from all subscriptions.
  • Strange 'maximizing Ziepod window' cases and not able to reach auto-hide taskbar in maximized mode
  • Number of items in trashbin was not shown properly; out of synch
  • After closing popup notifier with always-on-top pin, next time it popped up, always-on-top pin was shown still on
  • Sleep mode in popup notifier didn't work as it was supposed to be
  • Shown download count in popup notifier never reseted; so kept increasing
  • When playlist was cleared while playing something, 'Play' button was still shown with 'Pause' icon
  • 'Cancel Synch' menu option was not accessible thru context menu of podcast

    Special Note:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other tiny bugs that are not listed above.

    * We'd like to thank you all our users who sent us feedbacks and suggestions. Our special thanks goes to Pieter, Dan, Phil, Robert, and Gilberto.

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    Available Release Notes
    - Release 1.0 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 1.0
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5
    - Release 0.99.9 Build4 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build4
    - Release 0.99.9 Build3 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build3
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2
    - Release 0.99.9 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9
    - Release 0.99.8 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.8
    - Release 0.99.1 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.1
    - Release 0.99 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99
    - Release 0.98 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.98
    - Release 0.91
    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
    If you encounter any problem

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