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Release Notes for Ziepod+ Version 0.99.8 (BETA)

Release Notes for Ziepod+ v0.99.8 (beta)

Release Date :January, 2007

New Items :

  • New User Interface features
    • Complete redesign of the fullview mode
    • You can have access to the dockable video panel in all visual modes, even when Ziepod is minimized
    • New extrenal download monitor panel to keep an eye on your downloads anytime you want
    • Upgraded Embedded web browsing; new Ziepod supports tabbed browsing.
    • New Ziepod can monitor retrieved content for occurances of special words and inform you immediately thru new tools, namely virtual channels and word watchdogs
    • You can combine multiple subscriptions into one by using bulk channels.
    • You can read latest retrieved content in webpage style presentation, called Highlights
    • New Ziepod allows you to filter retrieved content of subscriptions and let you eliminate unwanted content right away
    • New Ziepod not only shows your subscriptions in the folder hierarchy but also lists them while showing more recently updated one at the top inside color coded presentation
    • Upgraded Today mode (which was called 'Column' mode previously)
    • Upgraded popup notifier
    • New panel to show descriptive information about items in the playlist
    • You will be able to search and browse podcasts and their episodes via Feedzie in webpage style presentation
    • New Ziepod can start up inside the System Tray
    • New Ziepod supports XSL-based Home-tab decoration, which allows users to customize the Home tab interface, if they have knowledge about XSL language
    • You can set new Ziepod not to clear the playlist when you click 'play' to play any episode
    • While exporting downloaded episodes, or customizing download folders, Ziepod will show the progress of that process.
    • You can browse help documentation from inside new Ziepod
    • New Ziepod will save the order of the items in the playlist
    • You can browse rated episodes from inside new Ziepod
  • Download-related improvements
    • You can order queued downloads up and down with this new version of Ziepod
    • You can customize new Ziepod replace the filename of the downloaded episode with its post title for individual podcast or for all
    • When you delete episodes, new Ziepod asks your confirmation before deleting their downloaded files, if there is any
  • New Sweeper-related improvements
    • Do not throw into the Trashbin, instead delete them (when Trashbin is active)
    • Do not ask for confirmation before deleting downloaded files, instead [delete them OR do not delete them]
    • You can delete posts based on their file size
    • Progress bar to show the progress level of the sweeping action
    • Cancel button is enabled to let you cancel the sweeping action while in progress
    • You can sweep all podcasts under any folder (recursive)
    • You can also sweep inside Ziepod, that is inside all your subscriptions at once
  • New Ziepod keeps some statistics to increase your awareness
    • How many posts have been retrieved, read, and rated in last 5 days
    • How many minutes of podcasts have been listened to in last 5 days
    • How many MBs of data have been downloaded in last 5 days
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Now you can also use function keys (F1-F12) for customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • You can search inside new Ziepod
  • New Ziepod keeps the log of last played, downloaded and rated 5 episodes inside Ziepod in case you next time you need to reach them quickly
  • Bloglines Support; now you can track your Bloglines subscriptions via new Ziepod
  • You can save search results from into new Ziepod
  • "Check this site at" button to check site listing of your subscribed feeds at
  • New Ziepod can detect previously downloaded episodes of subscribed podcasts on your computer if they are happened to be in expected places, that is where Ziepod left in its previous installation.


  • New Ziepod no longer uses TTL time to limit the synchronization period of one subscription. Instead it shows TTL time as a suggestion. (Ziepod not allows user to set synch cycles lower than 15 minutes)
  • "Synchronize under" menu option of any folder now recursively synchronize all podcasts under

    Smashed Bugs, which caused following cases:

  • When number of posts in one subscription exceeds 300, Ziepod started to show already deleted entries
  • Sometimes Ziepod failed to load existing playlists from iTunes at start-up
  • In specific cases, when you set download schedule, it caused crashes
  • When resume was not supported, Ziepod didn't cared about that and tried to download what it was left.
  • After selecting multiple podcasts, and then selecting "Run Post Sweeper" option on those, Ziepod crashed
  • Some problems related to redirected downloads
  • Sometimes Ziepod failed to automatically overwrite ID3 tags of MP3 files
  • Failed at global setting of "Add downloaded file into the playlist"
  • After suspending auto-synch for a podcast, and then syching it manually, Ziepod turned on the auto-synch again for that podcast
  • For some visual/display modes, content of the wizard and properties dialogs were not be totally visible/accessible. Now they are.
  • When setting download schedule, in some cases, it caused crashes
  • When one episode was moved into another place inside Ziepod while they were being downloaded, Ziepod canceled its download
  • Ziepod couldn't have played some of *MP3* files and showed "Failed to open" message. Now this case is mostly removed for downloaded episodes. In case of streaming, instead of saying "can't open", in most of the cases new Ziepod takes more time to open those failed files.
  • When there were both media and image enclosures associated with one posts, Ziepod sometimes choosed the image as a primary enclosure and discarded actual enclosure in media format.
  • In some cases, Ziepod failed to save downloaded file because of the invalid file name.

    Special Notes:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other tiny bugs that are not listed above.

    * We'd like to thank all Ziepod users who helped us by sending their feedbacks and suggestions.

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    Available Release Notes
    - Release 1.0 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 1.0
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build5
    - Release 0.99.9 Build4 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build4
    - Release 0.99.9 Build3 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build3
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9 Build2
    - Release 0.99.9 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.9
    - Release 0.99.8 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.8
    - Release 0.99.1 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99.1
    - Release 0.99 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99
    - Release 0.98 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.98
    - Release 0.91
    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
    If you encounter any problem

    If you encounter any problem while using Ziepod or like to give your feedback, please inform us from or fill the feedback form shown below.

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