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Release Notes for Ziepod Version 0.99.9 (BETA)

Release Version : Ziepod 0.99.9 (BETA)
Release Date :February, 2007

New Items :

  • New Ziepod is now portable; you can install it anywhere even onto flash disks and use it via any computer you like
  • New Ziepod is now more secure. It strips down malicious scripts coming thru feeds and provides more secure environment
  • A new dialog window to set most needed preferences settings
  • New Ziepod can check the left space on your harddrive and automatically pause downloads when it drops under given threshold point
  • You can change order of tabs (drag-and-drop while pressing CTRL)
  • "Delete all but the latest one" option; a very neat feature to be used on listed episodes in the Subscriptions table
  • More ID3 tags can be auto-overwriting; year, composer, URL, publisher, language
  • Podcast Directory includes and presents podcast in different languages
  • New player related features
  • You will be able to select multiple items at the same time in the playlist
  • Context menu of playlist now includes "Select All" and "Invert Selection" option
  • Automatically remove played item
  • Auto play newly added item if player is stoped at the moment of addition
  • Lock player to prevent playing automaticaly temporarily
  • It shows error messages when it fails to download or parse any subscription
  • Drag-and-droping subscriptions and folder onto Trashbin now deletes those dropped items
  • "Export subscriptions" and "Open download base dir" links added into "One-click away functions" panel in Home
  • In the deskbar mode, Ziepod shows the left time by default; click on it to change to current playing time
  • In the deskbar mode, you will be able to distinguish the level of volume by checking the speaker icon
  • Better support to distinguish non-media type episodes; especially PDF, EXCEL, WORD, PowerPoint, and ZIP files
  • Ziepod now can handle "pcast://" links and subscribe to those feeds if you are using IE
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
  • To open feedback dialog (by default ALT+F)
  • Changes/Improvements:

  • When folder is deleted, all subscriptions and folders will be deleted as well (recursively)
  • "Cancel All" button now also cancels synchronizations
  • When you use "Download Episode" option on any episode and if it is in the download list in paused mode, it is resumed. Previously it says it is already in the download list but does nothing
  • Deleting subscriptions has been improved and becomes much faster
  • Dialog shown while deleting downloaded files have been revised
  • Old Ziepod didn't allow you to rate non-saved episodes, however new Ziepod gives that chance
  • Clicking on the "Originated Podcast" title in the "Now Playing" tab opens up that podcast in the Subscriptions tab
  • New Ziepod now shows folders at the begining of hierarchy in the treeview of subscriptions
  • While downloading things it used a bit more CPU than it should have as it used that to update download related stats. That has been optimized
  • 'Edit Downloaded Episode' option is disabled for non-MP3 files
  • When new Ziepod fails to create folder for 'Base Download Folder', it warns user to assign a valid folder.
  • Smashed Bugs, which caused following cases:

  • Double entries in exported OPML files
  • When there were multiple episodes with the same title in any subscription, Ziepod failed to download them separately (When "Replace file name with post title" setting was on)
  • When you set some global settings such as "Add downloaded episodes into playlist", Ziepod didn't allow you to customize those settings for individual subscriptions
  • Bug in the feed authorization disabled authorized connection and saving given login and password
  • Sometimes Ziepod didn't automatically add downloaded episodes into the playlist when it should have
  • Sometimes Ziepod failed to show right non-latin characters while listing episodes in the "Subscriptions" tab
  • Ziepod kept pointer to opened OPML file alive after finishing with it, which was not much problem but a tiny bug
  • When two subscriptions with the same caption exists, Ziepod failed to assign different download folder
  • If you subscribe to a feed that you previously subscribed and had previously downloaded episodes, Ziepod freezed right after subscribing to that feed
  • When you cleared the playlist while player is running, player buttons haven't been reset
  • In some cases, Ziepod failed to show right icon for episodes
  • When Ziepod opened up in visual mode other than fullview mode, it didn't switch to desired tab
  • When Ziepod opened up in the deskbar mode, status text is shown in big/raw fonts
  • Deleting multiple subscriptions at one time freezed Ziepod for a while
  • Previously Ziepod didn't allow to drag-and-drop items in the subscriptions hierarcy tree at one click. Now you can
  • If you added any episode into the playlist before downloading it, it still streamed that episode even when it has been already downloaded. New Ziepod plays that downloaded file, instead of streaming it
  • Ziepod didn't automatically switch to the "Subscriptions" tab to show newly subscribed feed when clicking "subscribe link" in the site listing
  • Sometimes Ziepod crashed after deleting episodes
  • Ziepod crashed when trying to download any external file thru "New Download" button
  • Ziepod crashed when trying to play drag-and-drop links onto the deskbar mode
  • In the Fullview mode, Player position seeker handle was not big to grab and drag
  • Sometimes Ziepod failed to replace filename with the post title and it accepted names suggested by the server from where it is downloaded
  • Sometimes Ziepod crashed when trying to cancel multiple running downloads
  • Ziepod still showed dialog window even there is no file to move(while moving download folders)
  • When Ziepod was minimized and tried to relaunch it, Ziepod restored but icon in the system tray stayed there
  • In rare cases Ziepod allowed folders in the subscriptions hierarchy tree to placed under invalid places and created circular hierarchy, which resulted in freezing Ziepod at the startup. New Ziepod not allows that and if occurs in someway, it can recover from that
  • Bug disabled Ziepod to handle "podcast://" links
  • DEL key didn't delete multiple selected episodes in the Subscriptions tab
  • Sometimes "Loading New Subscription..." message was kept shown even for folders
  • Old Ziepod added image enclosures into the playlist
  • Played episodes haven't been removed from the Today Panel
  • If play duration is higher than 1 hour, Ziepod failed to show exact time in the deskbar mode
  • When player was not running, changed volume level was not saved for the next start of Ziepod
  • When all listed items in the Subscriptions tab were not audio or video episodes, "Delete All" and "Delete read ones" were disabled
  • Ziepod allowed to be opened multiple instances of same dialog window, such as Preferences dialog
  • Sometimes in the deskbar mode Ziepod showed tooltip when hovering even though there was no item in the playlist
  • When file size info was not available, Today panel showed duration info on top of the publication date of episodes
  • Old Ziepod failed to reset scrollbar of the panel where info related to playing item is shown
  • In some cases, Ziepod failed to handle redirected link to download episodes
  • When there is no file extension available for downloaded episode, Ziepod extracted that data from suggested filename from server
  • Keeping up/down key pressed for a while to switch to the next/prev listed episode in the Subscriptions tab, invalidated scrolling position. That has been resolved.
  • Bug disabled ordering of listed episodes based on provided factors(such as by rates) in the Subscriptions tab
  • Ziepod didn't check the existance of folder into which it supposed to save downloaded file. Now it makes sure that folder exists, otherwise it creates it automatically
  • Sometimes Ziepod crashed when deleting any episode while it is being downloaded at the moment, or when deleting a feed while at least one of its episodes is being downloaded at the moment. We tested and no crash happened during the test, while crossing the fingers.
  • After deleting all feeds and start to subscribe to new feeds, Ziepod sometimes failed to show or update unread/unplayed items in the system. That issue has been resolved but still sometimes it may show false numbers. We will be working on that.
  • After disabling iPod support, iPod tree item is not removed from subscription hierarchy
  • While Ziepod running, trying to restart Ziepod again showed up restoring box moving.
  • Action buttons of the Today panel was not being set properly.
  • Unchecking the checkbox which is used to define maximum number of simultaneous synchs or downloads didn't enable 'Apply' button.

  • Special Notes:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other tiny bugs that are not listed above.

    * We'd like to thank all Ziepod users who helped us by sending their feedbacks and suggestions.

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    - Release 0.99.1
    - Release 0.99 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.99
    - Release 0.98 (Ziepod+)
    - Release 0.98
    - Release 0.91
    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
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