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Release Notes for Ziepod Version 0.99.9 Build 2(BETA)

Release Version : Ziepod 0.99.9 Build 2 (BETA)
Release Date :April, 2007

New Items :

  • Seekbar handle in Deskbar mode
  • For better performance in portability subject, you can customize 'Incomplete Downloads' folder
  • System tray context menu of Ziepod has now provides many options to help you do things without having to open Ziepod
  • You can pause/resume/cancel downloads
  • You can play/pause/stop player or switch to the next or previous track
  • New Ziepod can detect abnormal exits and asks the next time you run Ziepod whether you like to report that via Feedback Dlg window
  • 2 new filtering related features for subscriptions
  • 'Do not sweep inside this subscription' feature so that Ziepod doesn't touch your saved entries
  • 'Exclude all posts with text-only content' feature to automatically remove any post without associated audio or video file
  • 'Put Popup into Sleep Mode' feature has been re-added (was removed with v0.99.8)
  • For the sake of maintenance, you can make Ziepod delete download folder of any subscription when there is no file left (when you delete them from inside Ziepod)
  • Switch Disable Auto-order of download and sych items in the Download Tab
  • "Download new episodes" and "Play new episodes" options for subscription context menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
  • 3 shortcuts to play last played, downloaded or rated episode
  • To move selected downloaded in the download queue up and down
  • To toggle 'Remove played episodes from playlist' setting
  • To toggle folders in the subscription hierarchy in sub tab
  • To delete all but the newest episode in the focused episode/post listing in sub tab
  • In episode/post listing panel, you can use 'Space' key to focus to the next unread/unplayed item
  • Changes/Improvements:

  • Previously, Ziepod automatically paused downloads when there is a connection failure. Now it checks 5 times in 30 secconds interval and then every 1 minute till you pause or cancel it or till successful connection.
  • Sepatator for subscriptions folder hierarchy expands more to let you show all your subscriptions in more space
  • Previously when download was finished, Ziepod shows the notification via popup notifier if it is minimized, but not showed all info at first sight, you needed to expand the row. Now it does that automatically
  • Number of found audios and videos are shown in the search results
  • Small improvements in various internal procedures
  • Unread/unplayed/unseen items in the trashbin was also counted in the Highlights statistics. Now that behavious has been changed.
  • If you try to import an MP3 with an empty Title-ID3Tag field into your iPod, Ziepod automatically fills that field with the title of its associated post
  • While deleting an episode, if it has downloaded episode on your harddrive, Ziepod allows you to choose whether you want it to be deleted or kept. You can make it a rule to be applied always however it doesn't provide an external switch in the Preferences section. Now there is in the Advanced Settings page.
  • iPod tab in the properties of an folder has been disabled, as a folder doesn't provide such feature.
  • Smashed Bugs, which caused following cases:

  • If you kept Ziepod running at the background and tried to shutdown or logoff, Ziepod was not be able to handle that and forced to exit abnormally. Now it handles that case and exists normally without resulted in any wait.
  • Regarding iPod support, when a new playlist is created for the first time, Ziepod sometimes failed to transfer episodes into that playlist and this also affected other playlists and prevented Ziepod to add episodes to other playlists. When you restart Ziepod or resynch your playlist on fly, it started to operate normally.
  • When Ziepod failed to download in any stage, it showed that download as 'Paused' but Ziepod not counted it as paused. It should have shown 'Retry in 30 seconds' message because that was what Ziepod tried to do at the background. Now it shows 'Retry' message and unlike before it is counted as active download. Previously there was no limit at retry count, which was wrong. Now it tries 3 times before completely pausing it.
  • Old Ziepod didn't recognize M1V file format as a video file format
  • While episode is being downloaded, using 'download' option didn't show up 'already being downloaded' message. Now it shows
  • Some preferences changes didn't become activated even though you pressed 'Apply' button (that bug got into Ziepod with 0.99.9)
  • Ziepod couldn't have handled specified port numbers in the link of the episodes and failed to download them
  • In 'Handle Downloaded Episodes' section of the advanced prefences, unchecking 'Export downloaded file into selected folder' and 'run following command' haven't got disabled those two unless you delete what you entered into those fields.
  • If you tried to "Pause all downloads" and then "resume all", this combination reversed the order of downloads in the list
  • In full view mode, status bar under the player seekbar sometimes got disabled and didn't show any status msg. You needed to resize the mainframe to activate that. This little glitch has been removed.
  • Context menus for Bins, Virtual Channels, Word Watchdogs, and Bulk Channels were not uptodate.
  • You was not be able to drag-and-drop multiple items from listed items onto selected bin of the folder hierarchy in the Subscriptions tab.
  • Trying to play or download last played/downloaded/rated item sometimes resulted in 'Couldn't find inside Ziepod' message. That has been resolved
  • 'Hide Info' rclick context menu option of the Player Tab was not enabled when there was no item in the playlist
  • Read/played/seen items were wrongly counted as unread/unplayed/unseen when they were thrown into the trashbin and this also affected shown highlight statistics and gave you wrong unread/unplayed/unseen counts
  • Ziepod crashed in all cases when trying to check for updates in subscribed 'Dynamic OPML'. That ugly bug has been removed successfully
  • When trying to see the 'Site Listing' of any podcast thru, if shown podcast had only video episode(s), Ziepod showed 'Audio' tab. It should have shown only the 'Video' tab. Now it does.
  • In some cases, cancelling all downloads at the same time resulted in a crash. (We improved this with previous verison but evidently some small bug left behind and still caused some crashes, but it was rare, we believe. Now 'Cancel All' button is more crash-free than ever.
  • Ziepod failed to keep '+' sign in the content and filtered out. That bug has been squashed as well. (this bug got into Ziepod with v0.99.9)
  • Scrollbar of the subscriptions folder expanded more than it can show.
  • When you tried to delete multiple episodes manually thru context menu, Ziepod failed to delete all selected files.
  • Sometimes disabling iPod support caused crash
  • When to be downloaded episode is not found on the server, Download tab toolbar didn't show "Resume" button enabled, instead "Paused" button became enabled
  • In the Download tab, you was not be able to perform "Add to Playlist at Finish" command on multiply selected items
  • In the Download tab, Ziepod failed to perform "Cancel", "Resume" and "Pause" operations on multiply selected downloads at once
  • Bug in filtering download and synch activities in one case failed
  • When there is no post to list in the Subscriptions tab, Ziepod didn't show the caption of the selected subscription in the header of the listing panel
  • Ziepod unnecessarily updated iPod when performed action failed.

    Special Notes:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other tiny bugs that are not listed above.

    * We'd like to thank all Ziepod users who helped us by sending their feedbacks and suggestions.

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    - Release 0.98
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    - Release 0.9

    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
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