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Release Notes for Ziepod+ Version 0.99.9 Build 3(BETA)

Release Version : Ziepod Plus 0.99.9 Build 3 (BETA)
Release Date :May, 2007

New Items :

  • We added all new features of into the Ziepod package. Those includes
  • Accessing automatically assigned category and tags of search results
  • Filtering audio and video search results based on categories
  • Filtering search results based on language
  • Ordering feed and podcast search results based on how they are category-centric
  • Making use of tags to expand your search with related content
  • Tag highlights to see latest 2 audios and videos and most related 2 feeds for each tag
  • Flash-based visualization tool to give you an overview about what topics focused feed publishes content
  • Being able to reach related feeds for focused feed which helps you explore more feed that you might be interested in
  • Double-click on subscription in the treeview will open up its download folder, if it exists
  • New option in the context menu of subscriptions to open its homepage quickly
  • New button named 'Check at' in the 'Add Wizard' to allow you to see the feed before subscribing to it
  • Changes/Improvements:

  • Preventing unnecessary reordering of download and synchronization tasks
  • Smashed Bugs, which caused following cases:

  • Ziepod didn't allow users to use customized download and playlist features of podcasts.
  • Ziepod failed to keep synchronized statistics of unread/unplayed/unseen items inside the system. That has been resolved.
  • Ziepod didn't handle 'published' tag of Atom format.
  • Changing filtering options in the Downloads tab wrongly disabled 'Pause/Resume/Cancel All' buttons
  • Ziepod failed to pause downloads that are in 'Retry in X secs' state
  • In the Downloads tab, selecting multiple downloads and canceling them sometimes caused crashes
  • After trying to add a feed with an invalid link thru Add Wizard, Ziepod crashed after showing 'Invalid Feed Address' message.
  • In Ratings tab, Ziepod didn't allow users to browse pages of episodes from 'Unknown Places'--that is, if you try to go to the next pages after shown first page
  • In some platforms, when Ziepod maximized, it covered up the system tray. This might be related to an update we did earlier so we reversed that update. (we didn't experience this in our own testbed)
  • Ziepod sometimes failed to show preview of episodes in the Subscriptions tab. This has been resolved too.
  • When clicking 'Resume All', Ziepod reversed the order of downloads.
  • Downloads and synchronizations sometimes became frozen and not responsive to cancelation order

  • Special Notes:

    * Some of the bugs listed above may not be removed completely since they occur very rarely. If you encounter any, please let us know. Plus, there are also other tiny bugs that are not listed above.

    * We'd like to thank all Ziepod users who helped us by sending their feedbacks and suggestions. Our special thanks goes to Phillip, Alexandru, Matt, Tom, Freeman, Rick, and Robert.

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    In order to run Ziepod or Ziepod+, you need to have at least following configuration :

    1. Windows 2000, XP or 2003.
    2. Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor.
    3. 64MB RAM.
    4. Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

    Note : Ziepod should work in Windows Vista environment
    If you encounter any problem

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